Baking with Stakery in 2019

We are happy to be your personal Tezos delegation service of choice, and are delightedly looking forward to keep baking Tez with you in 2019 and beyond. Staking around the clock -- another exciting year ahead!

Herewith, we would also like to announce upcoming changes to our service and fee structure: starting from Cycle 78, we will increase our service fee to 11% and set a minimum delegation amount of 50 XTZ.

After having operated with a 7% fee since start of service on cycle 26, these changes will best allow us to serve our delegates well and ensure a high quality service over the long term.

We highly appreciate everyone's participation and thank you for your early support. It is a good choice of yours to support small-scale bakers. Supporting various bakers located all around the world allows for increased network decentralization and distributed participation. Together with you, we will continue to aim at operating smoothly and supporting the realization of the global digital commonwealth. Our next post will elaborate on how you can take part in the Tezos voting process through your delegation to Stakery.

Thank you.

Berlin, February 6th 2019