Tezos Babylon Proposal Vote

On August 5th 2019, we upvoted the recently injected second version of the Babylon proposal, hash PsBABY5H. It is a joint effort between Cryptium Labs, Nomadic Labs, and the Marigold team. To learn more about the proposed changes, check out Nomadic Lab's blog post on the matter. As usual, please reach out and let us know your thoughts. In essence, the proposal seeks to implement the following:

  • a new variant of Nomadic Lab's consensus algorithm called Emmy+, that is both more robust and simpler to analyse.
  • many new Michelson features which have been eagerly awaited by Tezos smart contract developers and designers of higher level languages.
  • an account rehaul that establishes a clear distinction between accounts (tz1, tz2 and tz3) and smart contracts (KT1).
  • refinements to the quorum formula and a new 5% proposal quorum.

Thank you,
Berlin, August 5th 2019

Tezos Athens Proposal Vote

Athens is the first on-chain upgrade proposal for the Tezos network. On March 6th 2019, Stakery participated in the vote. With a capacity of 35 rolls, we voted for Athens A (Pt24). This proposal seeks to decrease the roll size to 8k XTZ. Our vote is included in Block BLUYiBsK2eY1. You can find more information on the proposal via the in-depth preview by Nomadic Labs, as well as through Jacob's overview. You may also refer to the Tezos docs on The Voting Process. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts.

Thank you,
Berlin, March 6th 2019

Baking with Stakery in 2019

We are happy to be your personal Tezos delegation service of choice, and are delightedly looking forward to keep baking tez with you in 2019 and beyond. Staking around the clock -- another exciting year ahead!

Herewith, we would also like to announce upcoming changes to our service and fee structure: starting from cycle 78, we will set our service fee to 11%.

After having operated with a 7% fee since start of service on cycle 26, these changes will best allow us to serve our delegates well and ensure a high quality service over the long term.

We highly appreciate everyone's support and thank you for your early participation. It is a good choice of yours to support small-scale bakers. Supporting bakers around the world allows for increased network decentralization and distributed participation. Together we will continue to aim at supporting the realization of the global digital commonwealth.

Thank you,
Berlin, February 6th 2019